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P. O. Box 216, Monroe, VA  24574  USA

Threads of Mercy, Inc. is a private foundation recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). 

Our primary focus is to provide support by sewing.  Our sewing group is Sewing Sisters of Grace. 

Volunteers meet at least once a month to sew items for people in need all around the world.


Volunteers sew crisis kits (blanket and soft toy) for patrol cars; sew reading pillows, drawstring backpacks, blankets for babies and youth to our local foster care units; sew walker caddies and wheelchair totes for the elderly;

sew wheelchair blankets and lap blankets for wounded veterans at home and deployed;

protective face masks for medical staff around the world; sew surgery gowns and splints to support medical

missions in other countries;  sew dresses, boys shorts, hats, blankets, diapers and washable hygiene kits

for missionaries abroad; and so much more.